Friday, October 23, 2015

timed writing #2


My favorite book is Romeo and Juliet because of its theme. I love the romance and comedy it sometimes shows. It's about a young boy and girl from two feuding families who decide to get married undercover but both kill themselves in the end. It's also a very sad book knowing that two innocent children killed themselves for love. Everyone should read it because it's very interesting and sometimes suspenseful to read. I love the book and i think everyone else will too.

My Favorite Things!!

~the color blue
~track and field
~personal space
~my relationship
~my job
~my phone
~my hair
~my education

all about me!

~my name is Destiny 
~im 16 years old
~i go to hope high school
~my favorite color is blue
~i love to sing, dance, and box
~i have 21 older brothers