Friday, November 20, 2015

Timed Writing #4

Read All About It
The tone of the song Read All About It is very encouraging and uplifting. The instrument used is mainly a piano which gives it a very sensitive touch, but it's still something worth listening to. As far as the vocal style, it grows throughout the song. Starting off soft into sounding like she's gained that confidence to make her voice bigger. Her being Emile Sande.
When listening to this song some topics that come to mind are relationships, the lost of a family member, gaining confidence, and coming together as one to accomplish a goal. There's so many themes that pop into my head as I listen to this song but I think there is only one main theme. That is to get the point across that you can overcome anything.
I believe that everyone should love this song unless your a emotionless person. It's very encouraging and can lift up so many spirits when your feeling down. It may make you smile and it may make you cry, the whole point though is to instill in you confidence and bravery. To get you to feel good about any bad thing that has happened. Trust me, you'll love it.



  1. Destiny, I love your conclusion! You describe the song really well, but be careful when you write to use complete sentences (you have a a few sentence fragments in each paragraph.) - BM

  2. Nice job! I loved your explanations. What made this paper so great was how you explained everything that you needed to; then, narrowed in on one specific element. This gives your reader a clear direction, nice work :)~ KP